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Global Exporters (GE)

Profiles of GlobalExporters (GE)

You will get global completedetails of company such as Name and address of company, complete contactdetails, Email Address, Contact person, etc. You may communicate with global suppliers(Exporters) directly as per your requirements.

Global Exporters(GE) contains detailed contact information, provided according tothe-first-6-digit HS Code or product keywords. Global Importers(GI) can be viewed and searched on the BTDaaS system.

Service Process:

1) Please search the data sampleaccording to your requirement on our website, and confirm if it is what you areinterested; If yes, please send the information you require, including the-first-6-digit HS Code or product keyword, periods you order, and trade type ( import,export, or import & export); It is best for you to download the order form, and please send it tous after filling in.

2) We both sides agree on price andservice content; We send you invoice, and then you pay according to the paymentroute in the invoice; It is best for you to send the remittance copy to us viafax or email;

3) Wesend you past data in 1 workday, and send the last-month data at the end ofevery future month via email; You can also view and download the data andreport automatically generated in our online system by your user ID andpassword.