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If you have aquestion, you may find the answer in the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)section. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate tocontact us..

Q1. In ChinaTrade Data, a few partner country is China. Why?

Re-import related toprocessing trade is partial reason. Some multinational enterprises, who havedistribution centers in Hong Kong, often produce product in China, especially in Guangdong province. They exported theseproduct to Hong Kong, and then re-imported in China. Goods entering for processingtrade are exempted from import duties.

Q2. How often is your data updated? What is the time lagfor the release of the data?

This depends on the reportingcountry and data type. Some such as US bills data is updated daily.Some is updated weekly. Most of customs data is updated monthly. On average,there is a time lag of 25 days.

Q3. Are all countries Import and Export data similar?

No, Import and Exportdata varies from Country to Country. Some countries have quite uniqueinformation that is highly valuable for firms.

Q4. Are all countries HS Code same? How can I find the HSCode for my product?

No, HS Code variesfrom Country to Country. But generally the first 6-digit HS Code is same forall countries.

You can search the HSCode of every country on our website:

Q5.Which units of quantity are used in Importand Export Data of

Kilogram; Metric ton;Gram; Pound; Carat; Number of Item (Set); Unit; Thousand units; Million units; Numberof packs; Pair; Dozens Meter; square meter; Thousands of square meters; Cubicmeters; Liter; Kiloliter (kl); Milliliter(ml);Kilowatt hour; Megawatt hours., etc..

Kilogram is themostly used quantity unit. However, some products cannot be expressed in Kilogram.